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Hangman Strategy

Problem: Devise strategy for a computer to play hangman. Details: The computer needs to guess a word using as few guesses as possible, and make no more than maxWrongGuesses incorrect guesses. At end of the game, calculate the score for … Continue reading

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5 things returning NRIs should know about salaries in India

In the previous article we saw what kind of salaries NRIs returning to India from the US could expect. Broadly, you could expect 40-70% of your US salary as your salary in India. The next step is to understand what … Continue reading

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Interactively trying gae code

import sys sys.path.append(‘c:/program files (x86)/google/google_appengine’) sys.path.append(‘c:/Program Files (x86)/Google/google_appengine/lib/yaml/lib’) from google.appengine.ext import db import datetime class A(db.Model): date = db.DateProperty() class B(): date = a = A( print b = B() print prints: >>10 >>10 the db.Model class … Continue reading

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