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Remove annoying tslint errors/warnings in vs code

Goto Code -> Preferences -> Settings -> TSLint and uncheck Enable for bonus also uncheck Javascript > Validate: Enable

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Running the typescript balance-transfer app

There are several problems you will run into. First problem is this you won’t be able to run ts-node after npm installing it. To fix it modify the PATH environment variable PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin Next problem is when you try to run … Continue reading

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How to get rid off gossip logs in Hyperledger Fabric?

The gossip service outputs very verbose and useless logs in Fabric. These messages can be seen if one tries to view the logs of a peer container. How can one get rid of them? Today i tried 2 ways none … Continue reading

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Hyperledger Fabric: How to debug balance-transfer typescript app in VS Code?

How to debug typescript app in VS Code? In VS Code goto Debug -> Add Configuration… and add following configuration to launch.json 2. cd to the directory where app.ts is located and from there run $ /usr/local/bin/node –nolazy -r ts-node/register … Continue reading

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Understanding Hyperledger Fabric Installation

Hyperledger Fabric (HL Fabric for short) provides an installation script that be found at Running it like ./ does 3 things: It will create a directory named bin and install Fabric binaries in it It will also create a … Continue reading

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A day in the exciting life of a Software Developer

Woke up yesterday all excited that today I will add a nodejs sample showing how to use ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) in Hyperledger Fabric and submit a pull request. Here is how it went. Things needed to be done: … Continue reading

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How to specify version of docker image to be used when running hyperledger fabric?

By default Fabric will use the version tagged latest. To use another version (known as image_tag in docker parlance) edit the docker-compose.yaml like so image:hyperledger/fabric-ca-tools:1.3.0 above will tell docker to use the image tagged 1.3.0 see:

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