Ethereum vs. Hyperledger: The Epilogue

I was very excited to work with Hyperledger when I first did a comparison between Ethereum vs. Hyperledger [1]. The ability to write chaincode in javascript was especially appealing to me. However after more than a month of spending time in the trenches and doing Hyperledger Fabric development, my opinions changed. If I were to revisit Part I of Ethereum vs. Hyperledger [1], I would add one more row to the table as follows:

Developer ExperienceF

I haven’t done any programming with Ethereum so don’t know how developer friendly it is but can safely say that Hyperledger scores an F on the developer experience. Lets try to break down the developer experience on following dimensions:

  1. Works without any issues
  2. SDK provides good, exhaustive and bug-free code samples showing how to write code and exercise functionality
  3. Comprehensive and accurate documentation
  4. Tech Support: When there is an issue, there is a helpful community to provide support

Rating Scale.

A – excellent. Scores +1 on all dimensions above
B – Good. Better than other alternatives out there
C – Fair. comparable to other alternative platforms
D – Poor. there exist better alternatives out there
F – Fail. -1 on all of the above dimensions

Hyperledger proudly scores an F

In reality Node.js v6.9.0-6.10.0 will land you in trouble. This is because Promises were introduced only in version 8 of Node.

  • Tech Support: virtually non-existent. You get what you pay for.

I could go on and add many more examples but above suffice.

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