Tips for visiting U.S. from India

  • Do not buy USD from airport. We purchased USD at delhi airport from PNB on 2/18 IST and were given an exchange rate of 76.13 plus flat Rs. 45 transaction fee (CGST+SGST) when the true rate was 71.36. So this is a premium of 106.68% reflecting approx. 7% commission. Buy USD from bank prior to departure date.
  • If you are travelling with children esp. infants then 3 hour layover for connecting flight is recommended. Less than 2h layover is risky and you may miss connecting flight.
  • Below are travel times of some flights

Notes on Lufthansa:
– Lufthansa charges approx. $60 extra to choose seats per leg. So for a round trip from India to US that means 60*4=$240 if you want to choose your seats. Their policy may change.
– Security check in FRA is tight and they do physical frisking

More on seat selection fees:

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