Troubleshooting OpenLDAP errors

5cbe470e conn=1024 op=1 MOD dn="cn=config"
5cbe470e conn=1024 op=1 MOD attr=olcTLSCipherSuite olcTLSCACertificateFile olcTLSCertificateFile olcTLSCertificateKeyFile olcTLSDHParamFile olcTLSVerifyClient
5cbe470e conn=1024 op=1 RESULT tag=103 err=80 text=
5cbe470e conn=1024 op=2 UNBIND
5cbe470e conn=1024 fd=12 closed
ldap_modify: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
modifying entry "cn=config"

  1. Check your TLS certificates exist

in my case the error was caused due to Version 1 in TLS certificate

WITSC02X6385JGH:temp sjain68$ openssl x509 -in abcl.pem -text -noout
        Version: 1 (0x0)
        Serial Number: 14676524023181422786 (0xcbad7cd6eb3730c2)

Once I fixed the certificate so that it had Version 3 the error went away. To get a version 3 certificate, make sure you add the -extensions option to openssl ca command if you are using openssl ca to generate the certificate.

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