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  • Atlas America: Please stay away from ATLAS INSURANCE FROM HCC MEDICAL INSURANCE . This is the worst insurance i have seen and this is my first insurance for my parents who are listed from India .My Mother Visited ARC Hospital in Austin In July 2014 for her severe stomach pain and Dr. Examined her and then prescribed Medicine for Diverticulitis .After that HCC has sent a claim form which i have filled and sent back to then and now HCC has sent an Explanation of Benefit for Claim saying saying Reason Code # 86 which mens This file has been closed due to lack of requested information from our Provider .I was searching other websites like IMMIHELP,INSUBUY and saw the same review like HCC MEDICAL INSURANCE always deny customers claims even though we provide all information . It is like they will always try to harass us wherever possible .My sincere request from my experience is that , don’t buy this insurance and also don’t buy this from INSUBUY who acts as an agent who will not support when you are in need .source
  • Patriot America: Folks, I took 100K coverage with IMG through the agent insubuy.Unfortunately one week before my dad left, I had to take him to ER as he had an attack. The bills came out to 50K+, the insurance company denied all claims saying it is pre-existing. The hospital and the doctor who attended him at ER as well as the hospital gave me a letter saying it is not pre-existing. But insurance company will not accept it.The guy at the agent, talks nicely but he says we cannot do anything, just go in understanding with the hospital and pay it in installments. He also says do not file any law suit it is not useful.All this is total scam, i did pay a huge premium but now i have lots of bills to pay.So i agree with others, please do your research properly. And do not believe sales guys or agents, they will talk very nicely but when it comes to claims you are on your own… source
  • Beacon:Azimuth were absolutely terrible. Poor quality lines when you call them with the line constantly breaking up and lack of help of which provider to visit. Azimuth 24 hour service were equally poor with every detail having to be repeating multiple times over, even when they should have the basic details such as policy number or name.Azimuth also claimed that my policy did not cover pre-existing conditions, something that was covered in my policy and clearly noted in it’s own section. If this becomes an issue we will pursue legally and request a full refund for this aweful policy. Waste of money? Yes. source Until last month I was a customer with this company for two years, but I never had a claim until midway through last year. I have never had such poor service from an insurance company in my life, and everyone expects insurance companies to be difficult to deal with. Communication and customer service were terrible and 7 months on I’m still having to file complaints with Lloyd’s of London, the State Insurance commissioners office and Better Business Bureau, to try and get them to resolve the problems. Some are as simple as faxing doctors a piece of paper. They have major administrative problems! I whole heartedly do NOT recommend this company. source
  • KVRao: Try from american company. One of my friend had problems with claims when bought insurance from K.V Rao.Any insurance is fine if you are not claiming. The real trouble comes, when you need to use the insurance and claim money back.No insurance covers pre-existing condition source
  • Trawick International (Safe Travels):We received the policy before our trip with all exclusions. Appendicitis was not among them. In the middle of the trip I suffered an acute appendix and ended up in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. I was in constant contact with the company, as was the hospital, and nothing seemed amiss. Two days before I was discharged, I was told by Trawick that I was no longer covered by the policy (the agent had confused period of coverage with period of benefits), and I was send a NEW and DIFFERENT policy which listed appendicitis among the exclusions. I consider this completely fraudulent and unacceptable, and the hospital as well as I, will be taking legal action if my claim is not paid. When my wife called Squaremouth for clarification, they were complete unhelpful, and an irate letter from her to Trawick and Squaremouth has, as yet, gone unanswered source
  • Seven Corners (Liasion):STAY AWAY FROM SEVEN CORNERS!!I filed for reimbursement on March 22nd 2015. Today it has been almost two months and my claim has not been paid yet. I must have sent at least 10 emails and also called a few times. It is so frustrating to deal with them.They have agreed that my claim is valid but sometimes they tell me that my claim has been paid. Sometimes they tell me that the claim would be paid soon. If you call customer service they always say that they have to follow up with the funding department and would get back in a few days. But no one ever follows up. I have not received anything in my bank account.I am going to give them till the end of this week, otherwise, I am planning to initiate legal action against them. I also plan to file a complain at BBB and write to my senator/congress rep. IMO this company is a fraud and people should never ever buy from them. source
  • patriot america plus: Sharing my personal experience which will hopefully save folks some money. I purchased the patriot america plus plan for my parents (indian citizens) visiting USA (have been doing for past several years). I bought that plan as it was comprehensive, had PPO network and covered “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions. My mom had no “pre-existing” condition and she always got a full medical checkup and a clean bill of health from one of the best hospitals in India before visiting US. This time unfortunately, she had a a cardiac arrest while in US and had to under go emergent bypass surgery. I had a horrible experience working through IMG and seeing the ugly side of american healthcare system. First they denied the “pre-approval” for surgery which takes a whopping 5 days to process. So you’ve already had the surgery by the time they decide on even the pre-approval. The reason for denial was “pre-existing” condition. They also denied all the claims after the fact as “pre-existing” as well. No explanation for how they came to that conclusion. Just the 2 words – “pre-existing”. I went through their appeal process and submitted mom’s comprehensive medical records for last 3 years which showed all her vitals, labs in green. They finally gave me an answer that heart conditions are considered chronic. Even if the patient didn’t know about it, and none of the tests showed it, artery blockage doesn’t happen overnight. Wow.. Human bodies deteriorate over time. So from that perspective everything (short of an accident) in the world is pre-existing. I have given up on the fight with IMG and patriot america. Hopefully this review will help people save some money or at least be informed of the risks. My recommendation would be to never invite parents over unless you can buy a comprehensive plan which covers pre-existing conditions for travelers. And that does not exist to the best of my knowledge. source.
  • safe travels usa: I won’t make the mistake to get a visitor travel insurance from this company again in my entire life. I will cancel my entire travel plan if need be, before even thinking about getting an insurance from them. I bought visitors safe travel insurance for my in-laws when they came to visit us in the US from India. They were above 60 years old, so I was confused what insurance I should get. The customer service provided me a list and I selected the plan from this list. When my in-laws arrived, my mother-in-law had an episode of mini-stroke, so we rushed her to hospital in Emergency care. We got pre-authorization from GBG as was suggested. The hospital decided to admit her after some initial tests. They released her the next day. Since the hospital was under PPO scheme with the insurance company, the hospital directly sent them the bill. The struggle started at this point. There was no update on reviewing the claims in 2 months until I called them for updates. It is at this point that GBG wanted me to fill up some forms and email them whereas I understand that they should have reached out to me if they needed any information. So I sent them all the requested documents and again for another month there was no update. I had been receiving emails about renewing the insurance but no update on the submitted claims. I called them again. At this time they wanted me to send them the same documents again, but this time by post. In the meantime, the bills were outstanding as three months had passed since the bills were issued. Finally in another two months, i.e. in total 5 months the Insurance company decided they would give me a vague one line explanation as to why they won’t pay a single penny towards the hospital bill. At this point I was dejected enough not to give them a call again to let them know how grateful I was for their cooperation. I was utterly frustrated with the entire experience and the mental pressure over this. Not only that they didn’t pay anything towards the bill but also delayed it so much in vain. I will strongly reccomend to anyone who is looking for a visitor travel insurance: DO AVOID THIS COMPANY. Dealing with this entire process with GBG was the worst experience I had in literally anything in my entire life. source

2 Pre-existing conditions

  • Beacon:Preexisting Conditions – Except for Sudden Onset of Pre-existing Condition, charges resulting directly or indirectly from or relating to any Pre-existing Condition are excluded from coverage under this insurance.

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  1. Jagjit Singh says:

    I would suggest you to take a look at – they are offering full pre-existing coverage it looks like.

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