Notes on Programming Hyperledger Fabric

I just finished writing a book:

In this post I am making some notes and fun facts about the book for remembrance.

Original TOC Final TOC
  1. Blockchain Primer

  2. Introducing Hyperledger Fabric

  3. A proof of concept app

  4. Setting up your infrastructure

  5. Securing communications with OpenSSL

  6. Establishing the user registry with LDAP

  7. Generating certificates with Fabric CA

  8. Membership services and policies

  9. Transaction ordering

  10. The Peers

  11. Channels

  12. Implementing business logic using Chaincode

  13. Fabric Node.js SDK

  14. Advanced Topics

  15. Appendix A: Installation and setup

  1. Blockchain Primer

  2. A Closer Look at Fabric

  3. Writing Your First Smart Contract

  4. Generating Identities Required to Bootstrap a Network

  5. Provisioning a Three Org Test or Development Network

  6. Debugging Fabric

  7. Provisioning Channel and Installing Chaincode

  8. Performing Transactions on the Network

  9. Updating Channel Configuration

  10. Dockerizing the Network

  11. Securing Communications with TLS

  12. Handling Data Privacy

  13. Running Fabric CA Server

  14. Using Fabric CA Client to obtain X.509 Certificates

  15. Authenticating Users using LDAP

  16. Bonus Chapter: The Bitcoin

  17. Appendix A: Installing Software and Prerequisites

  18. Appendix B: Summary of Commands

And here is a word cloud – list of most commonly occurring words in the book curated to remove common words like like, when, which, user, using, then, what etc.

$ python full.adoc
[('Fabric', 447), ('peer', 446), ('chaincode', 330), ('certificate', 314), ('Docker', 290), ('orderer', 287), ('client', 285), ('block', 250), ('server', 237), ('container', 224)]

The full manuscript itself is about 1MB in size containing about 150,000 words

$ ls -al full.adoc
-rw-r--r--  1 sjain68  staff  1033787 Dec 17 10:26 full.adoc
$ wc -w full.adoc
  151713 full.adoc
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