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Decoding the algorithm behind

I have been quite impressed with website which shows a mapping of career levels between companies. E.g., what does a level 66 in Microsoft map to in Uber? How does it do it? How would I do it? Let’s … Continue reading

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Management Lessons: The Donkey and The Tiger

_The donkey said to the tiger, ‘The grass is blue.’ Tiger said, ‘No grass is green.’_ _Then the discussion between the two became intense. Both of them are firm in their own words. To end this controversy, both went to … Continue reading

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Best of Blind


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Tips on Decision Making

When faced with a difficult decision, making a detailed list of pros and cons between the two choices is a perfect recipe for disaster and prolonged indecisiveness. Scoring the individual attributes in hopes of making a decision based on a … Continue reading

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How should performance reviews be done?

I believe that large software companies spend an inordinate amount of time stack ranking employees during performance reviews and fitting a performance curve and then distributing rewards (stocks + bonuses) according to the curve. For the longest time, a bell … Continue reading

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5 things returning NRIs should know about salaries in India

In the previous article we saw what kind of salaries NRIs returning to India from the US could expect. Broadly, you could expect 40-70% of your US salary as your salary in India. The next step is to understand what … Continue reading

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How to give your boss feedback Working closely with anyone gives you useful insight into her performance. This is especially true of your boss, who you likely see in a variety of settings: client meetings, presentations, one-on-ones, negotiations, etc. But even if that insight could … Continue reading

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