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Installing bash-language-server in non global mode Advertisements

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Ethereum vs. Hyperledger: The Epilogue

I was very excited to work with Hyperledger when I first did a comparison between Ethereum vs. Hyperledger [1]. The ability to write chaincode in javascript was especially appealing to me. However after more than a month of spending time … Continue reading

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Ethereum vs. Hyperledger – Which is better? Part I

Ethereum Hyperledger Built for enterprise Scalability   Ability to write chaincode in familiar languages   Transactions can be non-deterministic   Support for private data Enterprise Footprint Cryptocurrency not needed Membership Service Provider Built For Enterprise:“most enterprise apps would get … Continue reading

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Understanding user registration and enrollment in Hyperledger Fabric

TL;DR The bootstrap identity is defined by the username:password used in -b argument to fabric-ca-server start The bootstrap identity is special and does not need a registration step. This is because it is automatically registered when the server starts All … Continue reading

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E1219 23:48:19.159391389 19] Could not get common name of subject from certificate.

Returned back from vacation to find this error when I try to run hyperledger fabric sample. It used to work just fine before I left on vacation. What gives? WITSC02X6385JGH:fabric-ca sjain68$ docker logs -f dev-peer1-jnj-mycc-1.0 > chaincode@1.0.0 start /usr/local/src > … Continue reading

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Unwanted redirect from Gmail to OneLogin

Is Google Chrome redirecting you to onelogin whenever you try to login into any Google account? This is how to fix it: Open Chrome Type chrome://settings/siteData search for onelogin in top right (see example screenshot below) Delete the onelogin cookies … Continue reading

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Installing Bash4

A new macbook pro comes installed with bash version 3. I needed to install bash 4 to be able to use the bash debug vs code extension. To do this run brew install bash once its done you will need … Continue reading

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